André Butzer
— The Arts Club London

Installation view: André Butzer, The Arts Club, London. Image: Kate Elliott.


Installation view: André Butzer, The Arts Club, London. Image: Kate Elliott.

The Arts Club is delighted to present an exhibition of new and existing works by revered German painter André Butzer (b.1973) in our Drawing and Ante Rooms. Butzer’s oeuvre is celebrated through multiple bodies of work exhibited at the Club. Alongside the distinctive female figure which has long remained a central subject for the artist, the exhibition also sees the launch of a new series of brushstroke paintings on canvas.

Recognised for his so-called ‘Science Fiction Expressionism’ – a fusion of American pop culture with expressionist painting – Butzer’s works oscillate between an unmistakeable cast of characters and pure colours and forms. His paintings often relate to literary figures and poetry in their expressive qualities, while also carrying bright, pop-cultural connotations that embody a longing that has always been a part of human nature.

At The Arts Club, Butzer will show four new paintings which are exhibited for the first time. Spreading out individual brushstrokes, Butzer modulates and shifts the primary colours, red, yellow and blue together with added flesh tones. The paintings lay bare the building blocks, as well as the colouristic and historical heritage of his paintings, which are neither figurative nor abstract but complete beings of the unison and presence of colour.

Butzer’s pieces colour The Arts Club with bright compositions, inviting viewers to trace his highly characteristic works which are a testament to a powerful, continuous enquiry into societal contradictions and social non-conformity.

Special thanks to the artist and Max Hetzler Gallery for this extraordinary show.